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The Cords & Co. launches internationally

By Georgie Lillington

Aug 24, 2017

The Cords & Co, founded this year in Stockholm, is a new corduroy label, slated to be the ‘first premium corduroy brand for men and women’.

The premium brand launched their global online store, as well as two brick-and-mortar stores in Stockholm today. Four flagships will follow in fashion capitals: New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris, set to open next Friday, August 31.

Founded by Mikael Söderlindh, previous owner and founder of ‘Happy Socks’, Cords & Co. is hoping to become the alternative to denim.

“The Cords & Co is created by a passionate group of people united by a shared love of corduroy. By exploring new ways to work with corduroy in our Stockholm design studio, highlighting it’s long but little known history...we’re excited to share our unique story of a fabric everyone has a connection to, yet no other brand has dedicated themselves entirely to it” says Omar Varts, CEO of The Cords & Co.

DJ Harvey collaboration

To celebrate the brand launch, The Cords & Co. will be collaborating with several brands including Alpha Industries and Eastpak as well as DJ Harvey.

The brand offers a large range of corduroy for men and women, including trousers in a range of styles, skirts, shirts, jackets and even a hoodie. The corduroy also comes in a variety of wale widths and colours, making it easy to co-ordinate the material together. Also offered are plain, cotton sweatshirts.

Photos courtesy of The Cords & Co.