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The Queen’s Gambit and The Crown drive November fashion searches

By Huw Hughes

Nov 27, 2020


Netflix shows The Queen’s Gambit and The Crown have been driving fashion searches this month as viewers scramble to replicate the characters’ vintage looks, according to online search platform Stylight.

The Queen’s Gambit, a Cold War-era show chronicling the rise to fame of chess prodigy Beth Harmon as she battles drug addiction, has been a source of fashion inspiration for viewers thanks to its costume design inspired by 60s icons like Ann Margaret, Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn.

Clicks for checkered coats skyrocketed by 383 percent in November compared to the month before the show was released, while clicks for white wool coats grew by 131 percent and turtleneck sweaters by 56.74 percent.

The Crown, a series chronicling the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her wedding to the early 21st century, has been another hit for fashion-savvy viewers. Searches for pink gingham, worn by an actor portraying the late Princess Diana, jumped 35 percent in November.

And that wasn’t the only of Lady Di’s staple fashion items to catch viewers’ attention. Within one week of the release of the show’s fourth season in mid-November, there was an increase in clicks on pussybow blouses (108 percent), which she wore for her public engagement announcement, collared dresses (54 percent), which she wore for the royal tour of Australia, and pearl earrings (162 percent).

Stylight’s search platform features over 27 million products across 16 markets. The trends in this article were based on searches from the company’s 12 million monthly shoppers.

Photo credit: Rowing Blazers, Facebook