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The Woolmark Company launches digital sourcing platform

By Huw Hughes


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The Woolmark Company has marked its 10th anniversary by making its sourcing tool, The Wool Lab, globally available online for the first time.

The newly launched ‘The Wool Lab Digital’ is available for free and offers a guide to the best commercially available wool fabrics and yarns, created in collaboration with “the most innovative and quality-oriented spinners, knitters and weavers from across the world”.

As well as linking users with manufacturers, the platform will also highlight select trends and product innovations.

“Extending The Wool Lab into the digital space will enable designers, buyers and sourcing teams to continue to connect with known suppliers and discover new, global suppliers, strengthening supply chain partnerships which is imperative within our industry,” said Julie Davies, The Woolmark Company’s general manager for product innovation and education extension.

The company added that the tool, which is accessible in a dedicated area of the Woolmark website, has identified new market trends and product innovations that are most relevant to the current unique global situation.

The Wool Lab Digital will present four macro-trends relating to the new market situation and for each will suggest those fabric innovations that are most suitable.

Two of the macro-trends will be released on the platform in February, with the remaining two to be released in May.

Photo credit: The Woolmark Company

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