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Top Fashion Influencer: Brendan Dunlap

By FashionUnited

Jun 30, 2022


Credit: Courtesy of Brendan Dunlap

Brendan (He/Him) is a San Francisco based fashion influencer and gender expansive creator with a growing audience on TikTok and Instagram, accumulating over 100 thousand followers.

Online, Brendan often creates outfits that help him express sides he thought he would have to hide, such as a more feminine side. This also hints at Brendan’s content, it ranges from a very feminine high fashion look to an almost street-style inspired look. All of his outfits are always fabulously accessorised , taking an elegant look to a true eye-catcher.

If you are looking for a style-icon to follow this summer and if you’re into versatile but expressionistic fashion, Brendan is just the right person for you.

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