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Trendstop Resort 2025 Overview

By Trendstop


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Trendstop brings FashionUnited readers a look at some of the first international collections landing for Resort 2025.

Early Resort 2025 collection offerings are rooted in nostalgia. Iconic design elements from an era’s heyday are reimagined and given a contemporary spin, appealing to both consumer’s yearning for the past and the lifestyle demands and wardrobe requirements of today.


Held at the Tate Modern in London, Sabato De Sarno’s resort outing transformed the gallery’s concreate edifice into a Gucci Garden full of lush fern fronds and long grasses. Referencing the city circa 1970, retro color combinations, brothel creepers and daisy adornments provided a dose of nostalgia. Masculine outerwear silhouettes in heavy tweeds and leather, and chunky brothel creeper contrasted with ethereal dresses and sheer, feminine blouses whist delicate ballet pumps disappeared under loose legged denims. Gucci’s 70’s era pussy bow details and a new take on the Blondie bag revived and refreshed signature house codes.


Chanel also fused nature and architecture together but in an outdoor setting on the shores of Marseille. Inspired by beachwear, swimming attire and wetsuits, creative director Virginie Viard paired sporty hoodies with classic tweed jackets and covered platform sandals in terry towelling. Waves, fish and nets informed the materials and pattern motifs throughout with sequins adding a touch of fish scale-like shimmer. References to the seaside town’s iconic buildings such as the Cité Radieuse apartment complex by Le Corbusier, were seen in the mid-century block patterns, natural geometric forms, and primary tones of the collection.

Victoria Beckham

Back in London, Victoria Beckham also tapped into the season’s nostalgia vibes with a host of era defining references spanning the 1930s to the 1990s. 80’s movie Flashdance provided the inspiration for a haltered dress shirt whilst 30s tuxedo references, relaxed tailored suiting and bias-cut eveningwear offered elegant yet wearable formality. Daywear focused of fun and practicality with miniskirts and chunky knit combos that had the feel of 90s youth combined with classic schoolgirl.

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