As co-founder of an iconic denim brand, Kym Gold has returned to fashion with a brand new line. The new fashion venture launches as a Los Angeles-based line called Style Union.

The line is considered a loungewear line including staples of comfort pieces. The line ranges from recovery stretch material including “ultra-luxe knit fabric,” Gold has told WWD. Priced moderately from approximately 28 to 210 dollars, Style Union offers clothing that can be worn from day to night. “It is a fashion statement for people who want to be comfortable,” Gold told the publication. The collection ranges from sleepwear, loungewear, and clothing for women who are traveling. The new collection was shown to buyers last month at trade event Coterie, but has not yet been confirmed to any retailers.

Coming from a background in high-quality fashion, Gold has worked to bring True Religion to a legendary status. Style Union will serve as her first endeavor into a loungewear line. She has worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years and created the denim brand in 2007. As the premium brand has emerged as a popular line, it seems that Style Union has a favorable future as Gold’s new line.