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UL joins Sustainable Apparel Coalition for 'green' workplaces

By Sara Ehlers


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UL just announced that it has joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) as Sunday, September 25. The company will use the group's sustainability measurement tool, the High Index, to push environmental and social responsibility through its supply chain.

In joining the coalition, UL joins over 200 global brands, retailers, and manufacturers that are also committed to improving the supply chain sustainability in apparel and textile industries. "We are pleased to be joining the SAC. We are confident it will have a positive impact on product sustainability over time, and become a model for how industries can collaborate in making a positive impact on value chain performance," said Elisa Gavazza, UL's global lead for chemical management.

In this partnership, UL well help to improve sustabinility and supply chain management with a proactive stance on 'green' practices and better visibility overall. The company, which fosters safe living and working conditions for people in the workplace, will continue to work towards this goal in sustainability with its clients. SAC works with over 200 leading apparel, footwear, and home textile brands and retailers to help reduce the overall impact of its industries on the environment. Moving forward with these types of partnerships help to make a more unified stance on green and environmentally-friendly workplaces.