Universal Standard is offering the first program of its kind to accept size swaps in a company. Launching University Fit Liberty (UFL), the plus-size label has decided to revolutionize fashion through this new experience.

The brand will now allow customers to enhance clothes for an exact copy for a different size within a year of purchase. Due to women’s body types constantly fluctuating, the company has come up with UFL as a solution to this problem. The program will allow customers to trade up or down in size for free in order to support this cause. “Whether you’re a size 6, 16, or 26, weight fluctuates. It can go up and down, creating not only an emotional rollercoaster, but a financial burden,” the brand states on its website.

The brand will then donate the clothing that is returned to charities that support women in need. The charities included consist Dress for Success and American Red Cross. Using a direct-to-consumer model, Universal Fit Liberty is available now for purchase. Ranging from sizes 10-28, the new program is a unique solution for plus-size women customers.





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