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Universal Standard unveils new campaign on NYC subway

By Robyn Turk


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Universal Standard is helping New Yorkers celebrate a new definition of inclusivity with new campaign that offers a real representation of New York women, targeted towards New York women.

The brand, which has been a pioneer in the field of size-inclusive womenswear since it launched in 2015, created its latest campaign with the mission to represent all women as they are in order to shape a new definitions of "beauty and womanhood," according to a press release.

Universal Standard used real women found on the New York City subway as representations of the brand for the new ad, as opposed to casting professional models. The brand spend two weeks scouting the subway before casting 26 women, diverse in size, age, gender identity, race and sexual orientation.

The participants were photographed wearing Universal Standard on the subway. According to the brand, the campaign is a manifestation of the idea that "any - and every - woman on the subway is 'their woman.'"

The campaign can now be see on Universal Standard's website. It is also posted in 80 locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn, and will be put on three billboards in Times Square as of August 19.

Photos: Universal Standard

Universal Standard