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VF Corp. and FashionUnited unite in support of LGBTQ+ collective

By FashionUnited

Nov 23, 2020


In yet another example of its commitment to moving towards a more inclusive fashion industry, and especially in the defense and visibility of the LGBTQ + collective, the American multinational VF Corporation and FashionUnited have joined together in the organization of an online event titled 'Grow Your LGBTQ+ Career'. Online registration is already open and free on the Eventbrite page and that can be followed through the same platform on Thursday, November 26, 2020, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. CET.

As can be read through the event page on Eventbrite, "We are excited to invite you to our virtual event, where we will discuss the best way to start your career." An appointment during which we will hold "a talk" in which we will address the best way in which "students, professionals and allies of the LGBTQ + collective" can begin to build a professional career. "Join us to find out how to boost your career", as well as to take advantage of all the "opportunities" that this roundtable offers so that you can "connect with mentors" or simply to "ask your own questions".

“We continually strive to contribute to the construction of an inclusive culture in which our people can be and feel authentic”, stand out from VF Corp. For this reason, and “as part of those efforts, we are delighted to partner with myGwork”, network of professionals and allies of the LGBT + collective, with“ JobTeaser and FashionUnited in the organization of this virtual event aim at sharing advice and providing professional guidance for young LGBTQ + professionals”.

FashionUnited and VF Corp collaborate in online event

Developed by VF Corp. in collaboration with FashionUnited and the employment platforms myGwork, a British portal specifically dedicated to promoting inclusion and diversity in work environments, as well as the French recruitment agency, JobTeaser. The event will feature the participation of the American KK Harris, Executive Coach of numerous firms based in London; with Jan Van Mossevelde, vice president and general manager for the Emea region of VF Corp owned, Icebreaker, pioneer in the development of a garment production of ethical and sustainable origin; and with Rebecca Web, director of risk prevention at VF Corp. for Emea. Who will not hesitate to tell their own and vital experiences.

Click here to register for the online event >>

Photo Credits: VF Corporation, official website. / Eventbrite.