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Victoria’s Secret Pink teams up with Chloe and Halle Bailey

By Alsha Coppolina


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Victoria’s Secret Pink

Victoria’s Secret Pink has announced it will be working with Grammy-nominated artists Chloe and Halle Bailey. The sisters have revealed their favorite Pink styles to wear and will also be launching exclusive capsule collections.

The duo’s favorite loungewear, activewear, intimates, and accessories can be viewed online. Victoria’s Secret Pink will also be launching two capsule collections later this year in collaboration with Chloe and Halle. In July, Pink will release limited-edition one-size tees with lyrics from Chloe and Halle’s hit songs. Meanwhile, this fall the brand will launch custom active, lounge, and streetwear styles designed by the sisters.

“I love how Pink styles feel and look – cute and comfy at the same time, effortless when I’m rushing between film sets and studio sessions. The vivid colors are always a positive mood changer that brings out that glow in me,” said Chloe in a statement.

Halle commented in a release: “I live in these bottoms and tops, whether it’s lounging around, running to work, or doing my errands. Fashion is such a great way to get creative and express yourself, and it’s been so much fun working with the Pink design team – we can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on behind the scenes!”

Victoria’s Secret Pink

As part of the partnership, Pink is also donating 250,000 dollars to various causes the sisters are passionate about.

Amy Hauk, CEO of Victoria’s Secret Pink, said in a statement: “Chloe and Halle have become such fashion icons, and we can’t wait for our customers to see how they brought their individual style and creativity to these collections.

“We also love how they use their platform for good, to not only speak out against social and racial injustice but also to champion mental health awareness – a cause that’s so important to Pink. We’re proud and honored to collaborate and share their unique style and influence with the world.”

While this is the first time the sister’s have worked with Pink on a fashion venture, Chloe and Halle have been involved in the Pink With Purpose initiative, which aims to support and foster positive mental health among young adults.

Victoria's Secret
Victoria’s Secret Pink