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Vionic partners with Proteus Ocean Group for climate change awareness

By Rosalie Wessel


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Image: Vionic Facebook

Shoewear brand Vionic has partnered with underwater research station and habitat, Proteus Ocean Group in order to raise awareness for the ocean and climate change.

Through the partnership, a co-branded beach clean up and consumer education campaign will be launched, as well as a sea inspired capsule collection of eco-conscious beach sneakers.

Proteus Ocean Group, founded by environmentalist and aquanaut Fabien Cousteau, is committed to raising awareness about the ocean and the need to conserve it. It also aims to build a research facility 60 feet below the surface of the ocean, in order to promote further exploration and innovation.

“Challenges created by climate change, rising sea levels, extreme storms and viruses represent a multi-trillion dollar risk to the global economy. Our partnership with Vionic will open up more opportunities to collaborate and connect with consumers who are environmentally conscious,” said Costeau.

The ‘sea-inspired’ beach sneakers will be made from sustainable materials. Using a soy based compound and certified as vegan, the design will incorporate canvas fabric made from natural materials.

“Ocean wellness is human wellness,” said co-founder of Vionic, Chris Gallagher. “We are excited to contribute to and collaborate with an organisation at the height of innovation, saving and protecting our oceans and planet in a big way as both a brand and as passionate individual supporters.”

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