After earning 100 million dollars in Series D investment funding and bringing its valuation to 1.2 billion dollars last week, direct-to-consumer beauty brand Glossier is stepping up its content strategy. The five-year-old company has brought on's Digital Director Leah Chernikoff as its first Head of Content.

Chernikoff had held her role with the magazine since 2013. She will be succeeded by Elle's print deputy editor Katie Connor.

When she officially joins Glossier in late April, Chernikoff will oversee the editorial strategy for Glossier through hiring a team of content creators and bringing focus to social media, particularly with YouTube.

Glossier currently operates a blog, Into the Gloss, with a dedicated but small following. It is currently led by editorial director Emily Ferber, though it is not clear if Chernikoff's strategy will extend to the blog.





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