Los Angeles - The American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) is looking for a new chief executive officer.

The AAFA is looking to replace Juanita Duggan, who served as the association’s president and CEO for a little over a year. At the position, she oversaw design and selection of a new office in Washington D.C. among other duties. “Under her leadership, we have garnered important legislative wins in trade, raised the profile of the organization and put a new architecture in place that sets AAFA up for future success,” Rick Helfenbein, chairman of AAFA, told Apparel News.

Also, as reported the publication, Duggan is leaving the AAFA to pursue her new president and chief executive officer position at the National Federation of Independent Business. Due to her departure, the association must now find a replacement for a president and CEO of the organization.

The AAFA started in 2000 through the American Apparel Manufacturers Association and Footwear Industry America. The association serves as an American trade industry group that represents hundreds of clothing, footwear, and sewn products companies as well as their suppliers.





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