LA denim company Siwy brings in new creative director

Los Angeles-based company Siwy recently hired a new creative director. The brand brought in Jimmy Taverniti who will help create the upcoming Spring/Summer collection for 2016.

The company hired Taverniti because he is known for his own personal Los Angeles-based denim line. Traverniti launched Tarverniti So as a premium denim label in 2005. “We are excited to have a man who really can create something that’s never existed,” Alain LaFourcade, chief operating officer of Siwy, said in a statement. In the past, Taverniti has proved himself to be technically skilled with an impressive experience in premium designing utilizing high-end fabrics. Based in Southern California, Taverniti also has a good feel for the brand due to his familiarity with the local Los Angeles area. His own brand breathes vintage and femininity expressed through his denim. In order to help invest in the future of Siwy, LaFourcade believes that Taverniti is a “true visionary” who can help the overall growth of the brand.

Siwy is a retro-fashion denim brand that launched in 2005. Based in Los Angeles, the company emphasizes intricate fitting and impressive silhouettes that mix Los Angeles’ denim with New York’s high-end overall attitude. The company states its brand is “tough, feminine, and authentic” in style. The brand takes unexpected takes on classic shapes such as bell bottoms, cargos, chinos, denim shorts, and cropped styles. Every piece i hand-crafted made of vintage feedback cloth. The brand is distributed internationally in countries such as Canada, Belgium, France, Taiwan, and more. The brand retails currently as U.S. stores such as America Rag, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and other specialty online retailers.





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