Attorney Michael Avenatti, best known for representing adult film actress Stormy Daniels in her legal battle against US president Donald Trump, is being accused by federal prosecutors of seeking to extort 20 million US dollars from Nike, according to Reuters. Avenatti and another unnamed lawyer allegedly approached Nike attorneys earlier this month saying one of their clients had evidence that the sportswear company had bribed top high school basketball players to play for Nike-sponsored college teams.

Avenatti reportedly threatened to hold a press conference right before Nike was scheduled to publish its earnings update, unless the company paid him 22.5 million US dollars and his client 1.5 million US dollars. He also suggested the company to hire hire him and his partner to perform an internal investigation into the matter for 12-25 million US dollars.

Avenatti appeared in a New York court on Monday and was released on a 300,000 dollar-bail on condition that he surrender his US and Italian passports.





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