Michael Avenatti, the lawyer who rose to fame for representing Stormy Daniels, a pornstar paid off by Donald Trump, has been indicted on all counts involving a case with Nike where he tried to extort the company for 25 million dollars.

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Manhattan confirmed the verdict today. Avenatti now faces up to a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Avenatti's trial went on for three weeks, and jurors began deliberating the verdict on Wednesday. Avenatti was arrested last March after he threatened to hold a news conference where he would attack Nike's reputation until they agreed to pay him and his client millions of dollars. The FBI caught him the day afterwards on a call where he was trying to extort Nike for money.

Avenatti also faces other charges in California for defrauding clients and absconding with payments. Avenatti also has other charges in New York for keeping 300,000 dollars from a book publisher that was to be paid to Stormy Daniels.

At the time of Avenatti's extortion scheme he was 11 million dollars in debt. He also owed the IRS 850,438 dollars in unpaid taxes, interest, and penalties. Avenatti's trials in New York and California are set to go to trial in the spring.





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