Renewing her contract, model and digital influencer Gigi Hadid has decided to stay alongside Tommy Hilfiger. After collaborating together on ready-to-wear lines, Hadid is planning to continue to build and grow the brand as global brand ambassador.

As their first collections for both spring and fall have been successful, it makes sense that Hilfiger would want to continue working with Hadid. “Her positive, down-to-earth energy and cool, effortless style continue to captivate her audiences around the world,” Hilfiger told WWD.

She has also improved revenue for the company, according to Daniel Grieder, chief executive officer of Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe. Grieder stated that results from her work with the company have “[exceeded] expectations in every area of our business,” as reported by the publication. With a reported 8 billion dollars in revenue for PVH in 2015, it can be assumed that the company has grown from then in two years with Hadid’s help. In the future, it seems likely that she will continue to make contributions in both design, engagement, and sales, according to Grieder.





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