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Zadig&Voltaire changes creative and general director

By Susan Zijp


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Credits: Zadig&Voltaire, courtesy of the brand

A changing of the guard at French fashion brand Zadig&Voltaire. Thierry Gillier, founder and majority shareholder, is to take over from creative director Cecilia Bönström. Meanwhile, general manager Rémy Baume will be replaced by Arnaud Gillier, according to Fashion Network.

Bönström has been the creative brain behind Zadig&Voltaire since 2006. "She has left an indelible mark on the brand's history. I am very grateful to Cecilia for paving the way for the success of the house, allowing the brand to continue to grow," Gillier said of his former partner. A new creative organisation will be announced in the coming months.

Baume will step down at the end of February to ensure "a smooth transition". According to the founders, "under his leadership, the company has reached an important milestone and solid and engaged teams have been established". Baume joined Zadig&Voltaire in 2020, prior to which he worked for children's fashion group Kidiliz.

Zadig&Voltaire, known for its edgy fashion style, was founded in Paris in 1997. The brand has more than 350 shops worldwide. In 2023, sales reached 450 million euros, 40 percent of which came from accessories.