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Afterpay launches ‘phygital’ retail space in Australia

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: AFC Facebook

In partnership with the Australian Fashion Council (AFC), payment solutions provider Afterpay has opened an experiential retail space hosting four Australian emerging brands over the next 10 months.

Entitled ‘Edit Collection’, the store looks to leverage new technologies, utilising a new eTale Bluetooth chip tag that allows products in the store to be tracked in real-time. The chips communicate with Smart Mirrors that give consumers the ability to browse alternative and related products, using gesture-controlled screens in the fitting rooms which additionally enable them to capture and share photos.

Furthermore, the chip delivers analytics to the brand on the most engaged, most tried and most sold pieces for data-driven decisions for operations.

Bondi Born, My General Store, First Nations Fashion and Design and Esse Studio were selected for the curated collection, based on criteria revolving around sustainability, mindful creativity, innovation and inclusivity.

Image: AFC Facebook

Eco-friendly production was a major consideration for the assortment, as well as the actual construction of the store itself. For example, upcycled marine and ocean-bound plastic were employed in the making of clothing hangers.

Additionally, brands involved in the process were provided with educational resources on merchandising from Smart in Planning and resource training from Umenco.

A launch event saw Afterpay’s ANZ and Europe director, communications and public relations Louisa Galligani host a question and answer session with representatives from AFC, Afterpay and Vicinity Centres, partnering real estate investors. The discussion centred around the benefits of omnichannel retail and utilising new technologies in physical locations.

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