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All H&M stores in the US and Germany shut shop

By Prachi Singh

Mar 18, 2020

The Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) group is temporarily closing all stores in Germany and the US. The company said in a statement, due to the Covid-19 situation the H&M group will temporarily close 460 stores in Germany from March 18, based on decisions by the German authorities. In addition, the group is also closing its 590 stores for two weeks in the US, 96 in Canada, Portugal and Belgium.

In addition, the group has also closed all its stores in Switzerland, Greece, Slovakia, Lithuania, Peru, Ukraine, the Philippines, Malaysia and Cyprus.

The company added that in China, 500 stores out of 516 have now re-opened and sales in China have gradually started to recover as the situation in the country has improved.

The H&M group further said that it is working extensively to manage the COVID-19 situation and great emphasis is being placed on adjusting buying and inventory levels.

Picture:H&M media gallery