Amazon brings its Prime Wardrobe feature to the UK

Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe option has just made its way to the UK. In the same vein of clothing box services like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club, Prime Wardrobe is a retail concept that allows consumers to select three or more clothing, footwear or accessory pieces that are then sent to their homes for them to try on and determine within seven days whether to keep the items or return to Amazon. Shoppers are not charged for their online purchases until after testing out the items.

Prime Wardrobe is an omnichannel retail service that blends the convenience of online shopping with the necessary elements of brick and mortar shopping. A survey of 1,000 consumers conducted by Imprint Plus last year revealed that 29.7 percent of consumers prefer only in-store shopping, and they feel this way because they want to see, touch and experience their items before making a decision. On the other hand, 32.5 percent of consumers prefer only online shopping for its convenience and wider selection. Prime Wardrobe allows the perks of both preferences.

“Fit is an important factor when it comes to buying clothes and shoes and with Prime Wardrobe, Prime members can try their purchases in the comfort of their own home at no extra cost,” Amazon EU retail vice president Xavier Garambois said to The Guardian.

After a year of invite-only beta testing, Prime Wardrobe launched in the United States in June and in Japan last week. The UK is the third country to join the retail service. Initial consumer feedback shared positive statements such as: “So nice to try things on in the comfort of my own home. I could see how things look with the different shoes and other accessories I already have. Love it!!!”

Prime Wardrobe can improve sales for private label brands

Amongst brands including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Miss Selfridge and French Connection, Prime Wardrobe offers Amazon’s own private label brands. The retailer’s private label clothing brands perform the worst out of all of its private label offerings, so perhaps expanding the accessibility of Prime Wardrobe will help bring visibility to these clothing brands. In a blog post from June, Amazon shared that private label brands are amongst top-ordered items in Prime Wardrobe.

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