Amazon launches Spark, with shoppable images

Amazon has launched a new addition to its app: Amazon Spark, thereby allowing users to shop for products via images. This new ‘see now, buy now’ option was developed to encourage social interaction online by sharing and commenting on images.

Similar to social platform Pinterest, Amazon users - who must be Prime membership holders to use Spark, are able to discover images related to their chosen interests, such as ‘Style & Fashion’ or ‘Food’. Images are shown in an Instagram style feed, allowing users to share images to their own Amazon profile and comment with expertise about products and experiences.The main feature however, is the capability to click the products in the images and buy them instantly from Amazon.

Amazon Spark taps into ‘see now, buy now’ with shoppable photos

This is not the first time social platforms have seen the opportunity for a ‘shoppable photos’ app, Instagram launched a similar feature with a number of brands back in March. However, Amazon is the first online retailer to seize the opportunity - continuing to innovate their portfolio of products with a move towards social media.

Amazon, who are in ‘prime’ position for a shoppable image app - just saw their biggest ever ‘Prime Day’ sale event on July 11, reporting a 60 percent growth on global sales compared to last year, processing “tens of millions” of purchases made through the Amazon app. The sale day, which surpassed Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales figures also saw the registration of more new Prime members than on any previous single day.

The launch of Amazon Spark also follows the launch of Prime Wardrobe, a service that allows users to try up to five items before buying. With a clear focus on fashion, Amazon appointed new president, Christine Beauchamp in May and have recently added brands such as Nike to their portfolio - joining a plethora of high-street and designer brands available for users to purchase directly from Amazon.

Currently only available to US users, Amazon Spark will still have a huge starting audience to test whether the new addition to the app will live up to other shoppable image technologies.

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