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American Apparel workers in Germany strike back


American Apparel workers in Germany strike back

By Sara Ehlers

Nov 29, 2016

American Apparel workers in Europe seem to have had enough with the company's Los Angeles-based headquarters. Retail workers at a Germany location have decided to protest using social media to make a statement to its company.

The protest involve multiple workers barely clothed posing in the store windows. Additionally, some of the photos involve mannequins that aren't dresses. All of the photos have signs that say "LA send us clothes," in hopes of getting the company's attention. It seems to be a growing problem for the company, as employees are left more and more in the dark about the future of the company.

Currently, American Apparel is undergoing its second bankruptcy in less than a year. The company may also be sold to Gildan Activewear Inc. for 66 million dollars. There are no confirmations yet, and it's unclear what will happen to the brand of American Apparel as well as its retail stores. However, it's in the company's best interest to figure it out soon and keep its workers up-to-date, to avoid anymore sort of public protest from its employees.