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American Apparel workers lash out at LA headquarters on social media

By Sara Ehlers

Nov 29, 2016

With American Apparel's current business state, it seems the Los Angeles-based apparel company’s state of affairs is only getting worse. Recently, workers in the retailer’s European stores have started protests against the company’s management in L.A.

Earlier this month, the retailer confirmed that its European operations would suffer. FashionUnited reported that the company confirmed that product shipments into the region would stop. The shipments stopped on November 5, causing the European stores to have less product than normal.

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American Apparel workers take to social media for protests

In a response to the lack of products, American Apparel workers in a German store have lashed out as a response. Workers from the store have used social media to expose the company as well as protesting in the store’s front windows. The photo shows workers, barely dressed, acting as mannequins in the window. Two of them hold up signs that read, “LA send us clothes,” referring to the fact that operations have stopped as a result from the company’s headquarters based in Los Angeles.

It seems that this act of defiance against the company’s corporate headquarters only further shows that its employees are not kept up to speed with what’s been happening. While the company moves forward with its second bankruptcy, it’s still unsure what will become of the company and its stores. Currently, American Apparel has a deal where it can sell its intellectual property to Gildan Activewear Inc. for 66 million dollars, however there are no confirmations yet on that transaction.

While the company is figuring out its next move, it’s clear that its employees are growing increasing impatient with being out of the loop. This isn’t the first time American Apparel has dealt with protesters either. Earlier in the year in July, when the company suffered layoffs; many employees also took to the streets to voice their concerns. In order to stop the protests, it seems American Apparel will have to address their employees more directly, perhaps by shedding a light on their internal issues.

Photos: Instagram / American Apparel