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Asket to unveil new resale and repair store concept in Sweden

By Rachel Douglass


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Asket, The Restore. Image: Asket

Swedish brand Asket is set to bring resale and repair to a physical store in Sweden, as an expansion of its circular Revival Programme dedicated to extending the life of its garments.

Located in Stockholm, the Asket Restore will house reconditioned garments that have been collected and repaired by Asket’s partnering facility near Gothenburg.

Among the offered garments will be pieces from the brand’s original permanent collection, including everything from raw denim jeans to oxford shirts to sweatshirts.

Asket will further be selling photoshoot samples and returned garments that were deemed not suitable for resale at its official stores.

Customers will also be able to drop off unused Asket garments, or access repair workshops to learn how to fix their own items, a feature that will become available in the future.

Asket, The Restore. Image: Asket

In a release, August Bard Bringéus, co-founder of Asket, stood by the company’s belief that the only way of achieving a circular economy is to produce less and help customers use garments for longer.

He added: “But even the most considered items will eventually fall out of your daily rotation. With our Restore space, we’re offering these garments a second lease of life.

“Being used is no longer a deficiency, each piece has an added element of value, be it a repair, a patch or patina. Extending a garment’s lifetime slows down consumption and production, reduces waste and in turn lowers the apparel industry’s environmental impact.”

Asket noted that with the ongoing success seen in resale, the apparel industry should grasp the opportunity to step away from its linear extraction-consumption model and instead work towards a system that focuses on longevity and accountability.

It is this idea that Asket said it is aiming for within its holistic Lifecycle Responsibility strategy through which it launched its Revival Programme, first introduced in 2021.

Via the initiative, Asket claimed it has collected around 2,500 garments, cleaned and repaired 70 percent of said garments and hosted two pop-up events to resell them.

Asket, The Restore. Image: Asket