Global beauty retailer Avon is launching a new Content Studio as a means to expand its digital front. The intention of the studio is to distribute high-quality brand and product content at scale, with the intention of inciting further growth of online sales.

Avon's Content Studio will develop up to 12,000 assets annually in the retailer's worldwide markets, each tailored to meet the needs of local consumers in each market. The full-scale Content Studio will use data and analytics to optimize performance. Avon hopes to connect closely to its consumer using a strategic mix of consumer insight and data analytics.

Global creative production company MediaMonks has been appointed to assist Avon in the process of it Content Studio. MediaMonks will provide an ongoing stream of content, delivered at scale weekly for Avon.

"Avon already has huge brand recognition and massive global social media reach," said James Thompson, Avon's Chief Beauty & Brand Officer, in a statement. "This is a new era for Avon's brand and product marketing and we're pleased to add MediaMonks to our extended team of strategic partners to drive brand re-appraisal and business growth."





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