Outdoor apparel company Best Made Co. has just opened a new store on La Brea Avenue. Debuting in Los Angeles, the label officially went bi-castal by opening its newest location.

The company planned to open the store in Los Angeles due to the city's culture and fashion. "We looked all over the country and settled on Los Angeles because personally, I’ve been coming to L.A. for many years," Peter Buchanan-Smith, founder of Best Made Co., told WWD. "I find it an incredibly inspiring place. I think that L.A. now more than ever, watching L.A. grow and change over the years, there’s just a lot of exciting stuff happening here in art and food and especially retail.”

The space occupies 2,700 square feet with off of the popular shopping strip. The store includes limited-edition items that are exclusive to its location. The flagship also hosts an archery range in order to allow customers to test for feel. The store will also hosts events for its products for an engaging experience with customers.





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