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Bossa Denim to open new showroom in LA

By Sara Ehlers

Jan 18, 2016

Los Angeles – Turkey-based Bossa Denim is coming to Los Angeles. Opening its first showroom in the SoCal area, the manufacturer opened its office on January 15.

The textile manufacturer, which began its denim production in 1985, decided to open the showroom in order to appeal to the city’s existing high stance in denim. Known for its unique, high-quality fabric, Bossa creates stylish premium denim. The showroom is way for Bossa Denim to create more of a connection with customers. “You have to build a more personalized relationship with customers,” Birim Atagan, advertising and public relations manager for the brand, told WWD. Opening a denim showroom in the Los Angeles area also gives Bossa a greater perspective into the mind of the city’s lifestyle, which can help with customer engagement.

As Los Angeles serves as a denim haven, it makes sense that Bossa Denim would choose the area for its showroom launch. Downtown Los Angeles in particular has gained a reputable standing not only for denim, but for its extensive fashion and garment district as well. Bossa Denim joins the likes of several other showrooms in the heart of the city.