Digital commerce company Brandshop has just announced a new venture in digital retail. The retail company is set to bring about “MiniShops” which will serve as one-day shopping events for its customers.

The platform will launch these temporary shopping days hosted by a network of women in order to help widen their customer reach. The creative digital commerce company is starting MiniShops as a way to help build emerging brands as well as enrich the shopping experience. This project is ultimately set to help bring more exposure to these brands and help bring them a wider engagement. Created by founders Laura Martin Mills and Hillary Crittendon, the two came together to expand the reach of these emerging brands. The retail brands will be able to see upcoming events by their location, dates, and hosts according to WWD. The brands are then able to decide whether or not they want to participate in the MiniShop. The host will have the final say of which retailers will be able to partake in these events.

The events will be held at each host’s home featuring up to three brands. The event will last only three hours with a guests expectancy of about 30-50 women according to WWD. These mini-stores will serve as a trial for Brandshop to see how these emerging brands are reacted to. In the future, these Minishops will pop up in cities such as Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, and others. With a partnership of over 50 brands, it’ll be interesting to see when and where these shops pop up. At the moment, the first Minishop’s date and location has not yet been announced.