Candiani opens Los Angeles design center

Los Angeles - Italian mill Candiani denim just opened its newest designer center in downtown Los Angeles. The center, which opened this month, serves as a similar homage to its headquarters in Italy.

The design center serves as an innovative space for the brand. The inside interior has a simple, modern aesthetic. The center focuses on research and development to denim labels in the U.S. The center allows for Candiani employees to experiment with different washes, techniques, and methods for denim manufacturing and design.

Candiani opens in Los Angeles

The space also serves as a showcase for the brand. The reason Candiani chose Los Angeles for its research office was due to the vivacity of fashion in the city. “In LA, everyone is concerned about not looking like each other,” global manager Alberto Candiani told Apparel News. With the design center, customers can come in themselves to see different techniques and ways to make their denim unique. “We keep exclusivity for the customer, but we share all this laundry knowledge with the customer and their production partners,” he told the publication.

The move to Los Angeles was also due to the company’s clientele. More than 30 percent of Candiani business is in Los Angeles, which also serves as the largest garment manufacturer in the U.S. The company first originally announced plans for this center last November. The center was scheduled to open this March, which was accurate to its actual opening date. Now that the center is open, the space also doubles as an office, showroom, and workshop.





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