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Charlotte Russe re-launches retail locations following sale


Charlotte Russe re-launches retail locations following sale

By Robyn Turk

Jun 5, 2019

American fast fashion brand Charlotte Russe is opening several stores following store closures and bankruptcy earlier this year.

The chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February, then announced a month later that it would close all of its 512 stores across the U.S. However, YM Inc. bought the Charlotte Russe brand and related intellectual property from Charlotte Russe Holdings in March.

One of North America's largest fashion houses offering on-trend fashion apparel at affordable prices, the YM Group also operates Canadian brand Urban Planet, denim label Bluenotes and women's apparel brand Suzy.

YM Inc. announced via a press statement today that five Charlotte Russe outlets will open its doors today as a part of a larger plan to re-launch the brand across the U.S. Charlotte Russe's e-commerce just re-launched on June 3, and there are 100 physical stores currently planned, including the five that open today.

"We are thrilled to be bringing Charlotte Russe retail outlets back for customers who love the brand's affordable on-trend fashions. We are excited to be back and hiring," said YM Inc's chief executive officer Eric Grundy.

The stores opening today are located at Southland Center in Michigan, Cumberland Mall in Georgia, Willowbrook Mall in New Jersey, Park City Center in Pennsylvania and Monmouth Mall in New Jersey.