Clashist hosts first temporary boutique and workshop classes in Hollywood

Despite its name, Clashist is anything but clashing when it comes to fashion. The hip, vibrant brand recently opened its first pop-up shop at frequented retail spot Space15Twenty.

The temporary shop its the first tangible location that Clashist has put on. “It is our first actual, physical place so it was nice to have a launch party and meet our customers and friends [to] celebrate the brand,” said Heather Lipner, creative director and founder of Clashist. As a nice celebration, the brand offered its retro digital prints that emphasize style, expression, and diversity. The brand offers a variety of apparel including quirky sweaters, ironic tee’s, graphic dresses, and more. On top of the normal basics that Clashist provides, the Los Angeles label also provides swimwear for its customers. Every item of clothing is intricately designed with a unique, fun print. Ranging from women dancing, numbers, gnomes, to various random objects; the graphic designs bring out an element of whimsy and carefree-inspired living. The collections range in price from 14.50 to 140 dollars, with the median price for a t-shirt approximating 55 dollars.

Space15Twenty hosts Clashist pop-up and workshops

The Los Angeles-based brand has a large local following already, and the pop-up is just an extension of that. “I think there’s a lot of people in Los Angeles who know our brand; we’ve done a pretty good job in marketing in [the area],” said Lipner. The temporary boutique, however, was a nice way for the brand to reach out to its customers. “We have a lot of fans so it was nice for them to [be able] to check out the clothes that are [normally] online,” said Lipner. Urban Outfitters and Free People are neighboring retailers that also bring an element of young, trendy shopping to the area. The retail space on Cahuenga Boulevard is known for its launch parties, temporary pop-ups, and more for Los Angeles fashion brands.

Clashist hosts first temporary boutique and workshop classes in Hollywood The temporary boutique will remain open until August 23. The pop-up first opened July 17 this past weekend. In addition to offering its brand for an in-person experience for customers, there are two workshop events that Clashist will participate in. The first workshop is more of a D-I-Y (do-it-yourself) experience for the attendees. Clashist will help guide the customers in how to use their patches and attach them to their apparel to create one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. The guests can purchase Clashist patches or bring in their own to attach to apparel in order to create these special pieces. Clashist will provide iron, needles and thread for the workshop. This free “Patch Passion” workshop will take place on August 1 on Saturday.

Clashist hosts first temporary boutique and workshop classes in Hollywood

Sand Art workshop hosted at Clashist pop-up

The second workshop is a Sand Art class with Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY. This class is inspired by the brand’s popular sand art print. Mindell will lead the class and show the participants how to make their own photo-ready sand art creations. The workshop, which will be held on August 8. Lipner notes that the sand art design is one of the most popular and common throughout the brand. “The workshop is another way to do nostalgic sand art, bringing it in our own way,” said Lipner. The company made their own sand art and photographed so well that it became a topic of interest for customers.

Clashist hosts first temporary boutique and workshop classes in Hollywood

Overall, the brand’s focus with the pop-up is to bring its customers the best experience possible while also strengthening a relationship with Urban Outfitters. Offering its iconic prints, the pop-up will remain open until the third week of August.





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