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Clearpay announces new partnerships with retailers

By Andrea Byrne


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UK "Buy Now, Pay Later" service Clearpay has announced partnership with a number of retailers.

These new brands include Gymshark, Mac Cosmetics, Reiss, Never Fully Dressed and Ren.

As well as launching new partnerships, Clearpay is presenting consumers with the bi-annual Clearpay Day sale where brand partners will offer shoppers deals and promotions.

Three new features are also being launched: customers will now have visibility into their estimated spend limits, the option to reschedule payments for flexibility and the ability to pay off or all of an outstanding balance ahead of a scheduled payment.

Carl Scheible, Clearpay's UK CEO said in a statement: “We are thrilled to build on the momentum we have in the U.K. market by launching these exciting new retailers and product features. We are always looking to grow and evolve our offering to meet our customers needs.

”We are equally excited to bring back Clearpay Day just ahead of autumn shopping. There is no better time to offer our customers deals and promotions with our retail partners,” he added.

Photo credit: Clearpay

MAC Cosmetics
Never Fully Dressed