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Cloud-based wholesale platform brings AI-based tech to brands and retailers

By Dale Arden Chong

May 14, 2019


Los Angeles-based software company Brandboom, which launched in 2010 with its platform for cloud-based linesheets, has introduced artificial intelligence into its programming for brands and retailers to use for a more streamlined process in the wholesale process.

In the software brand’s latest update, Brandboom launches Connect, which uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze buying patterns, buying patterns, similar products and trends to suggest appropriate buyers or retailers to anyone who uses the system. Along with Connect, Brandboom is adding Auto Connect, which will automatically propose a brand’s lines to buyers who are likely to open and order based on proposals, as one of its features.

In addition to this new technology, Brandboom is adding a rating system to its platform, which will allow both buyers and sellers to leave a review based on their transactions. With the added reviews, Brandboom is ensuring transparency and trust between everyone involved in exchanges made through the platform.

“One of the biggest challenges we have is trust between buyers and sellers, especially on Connect, where the two parties have probably had very little interaction or background on each other,” said Eric Ni, the CEO and co-founder of Brandboom in a statement. “We want to help deliver transparency and accountability, and enable increased security in transactions. We want our customers to make more money, so we’re doing everything we can to help them do that.”

Image: Brandboom

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