Trendy shoe retailer DSW recently has announced plans to expand in Southern California. The footwear company is opening a new store later this month on September 22 in Chino.

The 18,000 square foot store will serve as a more self-service type of experience for its stores. The location was chosen as a way to expand the company’s presence in retail in California as well as a way to give a convenient experience to its customers. “As DSW’s footprint continues to grow, we’re committed to delivering a shopping experience that exceeds the expectation of our customer,” vice president of stores Valara Gee said in a statement.

The store will be stocked with over 22,000 pairs of men’s, women’s and children’s name brand and designer shoes. The store retails sneakers, athletic wear shoes, boots, pumps, and more. This DSW location will carry a wide selection to cater to women, men, and kids in order to benefit a “family” shopping experience. Once the Chino store opens, DSW will operate a total of 490 stores in the U.S.





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