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eBay expands ‘Retail Revival’ to Canada


eBay expands ‘Retail Revival’ to Canada

By Marjorie van Elven

Jan 29, 2019

eBay’s ‘Retail Revival’ program, which aims to support and grow small retail businesses, has been expanded to Canada. Small and medium-sized businesses will receive a free 12-month educational program on how to leverage eBay’s global marketplace to reach new customers around the world. Topics to be covered by the training include digital tools and subscriptions and promotional marketing. Halifax, Nova Scotia, will be the first Canadian location where the Canadian version of the initiative will be implemented.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy, and they are making valuable contributions to the economic viability of their communities”, said Mary Ng, Minister of Small Businesses and Small Promotion, in a statement. “Through the Retail Revival Program, Nova Scotia entrepreneurs will have the tools and support they need to take advantage of exporting opportunities to international customers by utilizing e-commerce”.

eBay says Halifax was chosen because of the diversity of its small business community and its potential for online growth. By joining eBay, these entrepreneurs will have access to 177 million active buyers from 190 countries. Retail Revival is already present in Akron, Ohio; Lansing, Michigan and Wolverhampton, UK.