Los Angeles - FashionGorilla.net is set to debut an online marketplace in the Los Angeles Fashion District through a new mobile app. Launching the app will allow both buyers and wholesalers together through one consolidated online space.

The app will officially launch on Monday, February 22. The app will be available for vendors, shippers, buyers, and wholesalers. FashionGorilla.net designed the app so that it will provide a management system for all parties, allow discount buying, and consolidate shipment orders at point of purchase. The app will also allow users to personalize their feeds based on their style preferences and purchasing habits. The reason for the app is to allow local buyers and vendors to easily buy from other international markets. The app “connect[s] buyers with relevant vendors who offer the latest in fast fashion and unique styles to bring them [deals],” said Victor Molina, business development manager for Fashion Gorilla. Overall, the company's mission with the new launch is to make the action of purchasing and shipping an easier process.

Based in Los Angeles, FashionGorilla.net is a digital platform with logistics and technology aimed at local wholesalers and buyers. The upcoming project will launch this February and will also include the launch of the company’s website.





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