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Fashwire launches Barzzé Beauty marketplace

By Tess Stenzel

Feb 17, 2021


Fashwire, a global fashion shopping marketplace, has launched its sister brand Barzzé Beauty.

The beauty marketplace aims to offer a distribution channel to emerging and established brands.

Fashwire said the global market offers a one-stop solution for personalization, innovation, and consumer business intelligence for the beauty industry.

The Barzzé Beauty app allows consumers to discover emerging brands and products while brands receive direct feedback from consumers.

Consumers can also share tips, tricks, and inspirations on their feeds, engaging with their communities further. This allows brands to gain valuable insights directly from their target audiences. The hard metrics of real-time data and insights into consumer shopping preferences are invaluable tools to the beauty industry, said Fashwire.

“Barzzé Beauty will be at the forefront as a resource for brands and consumers by keeping beauty at your fingertips through a global perspective. User interaction is a key differentiator for Barzzé Beauty, and combining that with our highly curated editorial lens is the most coveted solution for emerging and niche brands,” stated Kimberly Carney, Fashwire founder in a press release.

“Beauty brands can leverage user feedback to further expand their offering to consumers to improve and streamline their strategies. Offered at zero cost to the brands until September 1, 2021, Barzzé Beauty will allow partnering brands to build up momentum and revenue with access to an engaged, tried, and trusted consumer base.”

Brands featured on the platform include Christophe Robin, Eyeko, Grow Gorgeous, Gryph & IvyRose, Illamasqua, and själ Skincare.

“As the beauty industry evolves in the post covid world, smaller brands don’t have the same access to sales distribution platforms as mass conglomerates. Barzzé Beauty is essential to two of my brands because it broadens their limited distribution channels with an established global consumer base,” said Karolina Kurkova, supermodel, and co-Founder of Gryph & IvyRose.

Photo credit: Barzzé Beauty