Los Angeles - Previously known as luxury denim brand Frankie B, co-owners Kevin Chen and Jeremy Weitz re-launched the denim wear line as “Frankie.” Growing a presence in retail, Frankie has just revealed plans to open up a retail space in the Arts District of Los Angeles.

The space will be located in the Arts District of downtown near various local businesses and coffee shops. The store also will serve as Frankie’s flagship for Los Angeles encompassing 2,000 square feet. The space will retail Frankie’s apparel, accessories, and other merchandise. As reported by WWD, the space is being referred to as a “CoLab” space, rather than a boutique. “People like to come [to the Arts District] and discover something unexpected,” Kevin Chen, founder of Frankie, told the publication. As most people who come to the Arts District come out to walk and browse more often than having shopping as a motivation, Chen's grasp on the area holds true. The flagship is expected to open next month, debuting August 25.

The Los Angeles-based brand’s collections are sold at various online retailers. Frankie’s previous fall collection retailed at FWRD by Elyse Walker and Revolve. Starting as a denim label, Frankie has now branched out into a full ready-to-wear line offering various contemporary styles reflecting a unique collection. Venturing into the Arts District, the store will serve as a CoLab area for locals and more. According to WWD, Chen’s five-year plan for the future is to expand Frankie’s retail presence to New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.





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