French label Ba&sh allows customers to borrow clothes for free in New York store

French label Ba&sh is allowing customers at its Soho store in New York to borrow clothes for free, as long as they return them after the weekend. The innovative concept hopes to act as a “dream closet” for customers who want clothes for a special event, but not necessarily afterwards.

The time frame in which customers will be able to borrow clothes will be from 5-7pm on Fridays, and they then have to be returned by 7pm on the following Monday. The announcement comes as part of Ba&sh’s expansion strategy in North America.

Speaking to WWD, global CEO, Pierre-Arnaud Grenade, said: “It’s an experiential store, the first one designed to thoughtfully elevate the existing experience to a new level. The store was a natural evolution. Our brand has always been rooted in special relationships.”

The move comes as the trend of borrowing becomes more and more popular in the consumer market. While Ba&sh has 200 stores worldwide, it only has 5 in the US, so this move aims to raise awareness of the brand’s US presence. In addition to the launch, there will also be a pop-up area promoting other French brands such as jewelry label Atelier Paulin and luxury candlemaker Baobab.

Photo credit: Ba&sh





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