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H&M Home collaborates with Google for voice payment

By Robyn Turk


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H&M is moving towards shopping made simple. The brand partnered with Google to launch a streamlined holiday shopping service operated by voice command. Called the H&M Home Gift Guide, the voice application provides inspiration and ideas for holiday gifts from the H&M Home line.

The easy-to-use feature works with Google Assistant on both smartphones and Google Home devices, and is activated once a user asks Google Assistant for H&M Home. The user is then provided with H&M Home’s holiday gift guide to browse and shop. The voice-operated gift guide will suggest specific options for the price range and personal style, showing the options on the user’s smartphone. And to help complete purchases, shoppers can make easy payments through Google Pay using the voice command tool.

H&M first collaborated with Google for a similar voice application tool it called H&M Home Stylist.

"This fast-growing technology is opening up new possibilities for the retail industry to inspire and interact with customers,” said Anders Sjöblom, managing director of H&M Home in a statement. “We are excited to take the lead when it comes to shaping the voice commerce of the future, to try this new technology and to have our customers to be a part of this journey. By giving a voice to our brand, we will enhance the customer experience and be able to speak with our customers whenever they want.”

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