Indochino announces two new stores in the West Coast

Suits label Indochino is looking to significantly expand its presence in the West Coast. The brand has opened a new showroom in Santa Monica Place last week, in addition to announcing a new flagship on Melrose Avenue set to open this summer.

Best known for pioneering the sale of made-to-measure suits online, Indochino went from clicks to bricks in 2015, when it started opening showrooms where clients can have their measurements taken and design one-of-a-kind suits, shirts, blazers, chinos and overcoats. The final product is shipped directly to their door.

The company currently operates over 50 locations across North America, Santa Monica being the fourth one in the West Coast. By the end of 2019, Indochino will have increased the number of showrooms in the region to seven. In addition the Melrose Avenue flagship, the company is also working on new stores in San Jose, San Diego and Roseville.

“Santa Monica Place is a premier shopping destination and the ideal setting to showcase our one-of-a-kind showroom experience as we continue to change the way a generation of men build their wardrobe”, said Drew Green, President and CEO of Indochino, in a statement.

Photo: courtesy of Indochino





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