After Kitson's closure in January 2016, it seemed like Fraser Ross, founder of Kitson, may have been taking a break from the fashion industry. However, in recent strides, Ross has made a comeback with a new concept Los Angeles General Store that is opening its third location.

This store is located on Robertson Boulevard as a specialty store. The store will boast 2,500 square feet, as reported by WWD. Ross's former retail chain, Kitson, announced last year that all of its locations would shutter including states such as California, Oregon and Nevada. Kitson was known for its popularity with celebrities as well as its iconic Los Angeles style. With the new Los Angeles General Store, it will be interesting to see if Ross is headed in the same direction.

The space was formerly occupied by BCBG and Reservoir, according to WWD. Ross previously just opened Kitross and Kitross Kids on Robertson as well. In total, his stores span approximately 10,000 square feet. In taking over the street, it seems clear that Ross has a strategic plan in store for his retail business.





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