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Knot Standard launches digital stylist store for clients

By Huw Hughes

Feb 23, 2021

Premium custom clothing brand Knot Standard has launched a digital stylist store that provides “a fully-virtual showroom experience” for its clients.

Accessible via both web and mobile, the new digital store enables a direct line of communication between clients and the brands’ style advisors, a series of personalized features and new product offerings, as well as an easy way for clients to track products and orders.

Knot Standard said it be utilizing the new digital store to facilitate the appointments in its brick-and-mortar showrooms and to simplify shopping within its new physical digital studio concept spaces.

The launch is the latest edition in the brand’s digital armoury, which already includes an in-person, AI-powered ‘Style Wall’, and a remote digital measuring app.

“For half a decade, Knot Standard has used our extensive design and fitting datasets to power the most advanced custom menswear experience available, and to build unrivalled relationships with our clients,” said Matthew Mueller, president and co-founder of Knot Standard, in a release.

“Now, for the first time, we are able to deliver that entire experience online. From our Digital Measuring App and Virtual Appointments, to QR-coded products and daily wardrobe advice from a personal Style Advisor—everything we offer is seamlessly available to any client, anywhere in the world.”

Image: The Creative Exchange / Unsplash