Australian fashion brand Gorman is planning expansion into U.S. markets. Eponymous designer Lisa Gorman just announced retail fronts to open overseas in the future.

The Aussie brand just opened a retail store on Melrose Avenue boasting 3,480 square feet. The store has modern aesthetic elements with a brick interior wall as well as grey flooring. The store is complete with wooden fixtures and white accents for its clothing racks. With small touches of greenery, the interior decor shows off a simple, urban vibe.

After perusing various markets in the U.S., Gorman decided on the popular shopping strip. The storefront will serve as a test for international stores, the designer told WWD. “I want to see how this works for us and figure the first step is to really try and understand the market over there before we have a [store] rollout plan, because it might be that we go to really obvious places after L.A., like New York, or it might be that we stick to the Southern states that are climatically suited to our product and that’s the benefit of the flexibility," she told the publication.





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