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Lush commits 10.6 million pounds to retail network

By Rachel Douglass


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Lush Covent Garden pop-up. Credits: Lush.

Cosmetics giant Lush has said it is projected to spend 10.6 million pounds on UK stores ahead of the new year, as it continues to strengthen its retail network and improve existing shops.

The commitment is an eight million pound increase on the company’s previously announced investment in FY23 for the UK.

A significant part of the investment was Lush’s opening in Glasgow City, where the retailer took over a 20,000 square foot space with a new anchor store spanning five floors, with an additional to follow in 2024 housing a Lush Spa.

Other store openings included locations in Kingston Upon-Thames, Teeside, Aberdeen and London’s Covent Garden, where Lush is first hosting a festive pop-up before plans to expand in the upcoming spring.

In a release, Lush’s head of retail stores for the UK and Ireland, Kasey Swithenbank, said: "We know that physical retail spaces contribute to lasting memories. There are certain times throughout our lives that require physical retail, the purchasing of a wedding dress, buying your child's first pair of shoes, going out shopping with friends for the first time as a teenager.

“At Lush, we're committed to creating spaces that contribute to our customers being able to create lasting memories with their friends and family and our blend between traditional retailing and experiential retailing highlights this."

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