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Lush set to open hairdressing salon

By Rachel Douglass


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Credits: Lush; ‘The Shampoo Bar’

Cosmetics retailer Lush is preparing to open its first hairdressing salon in Brighton on December 2 as the company looks to continue experimenting with its concept.

The plans were confirmed by co-founder and chief executive of Lush, Mark Constantine, who in conversation with The Times said that the new “hair lab” concept linked to the firm’s mission to “experiment with the same sort of attitudes” it has had over recent years.

According to Constantine, Lush is planning to recycle 100 percent of its salon waste, including a reuse strategy for hair cuttings.

On the location, the executive added: “With Brighton being the greenest town, politically, in Britain, we hope people there will appreciate it.”

A number of hair-related services will be on offer at the salon, as well as chemical-free, natural henna hair dyes that Constantine said were “quite extraordinary for a hair salon”.

It comes after Lush initiated a notable investment into its retail network last year, with the company stating at the time that it was to fork out 7.6 million pounds into UK and European retail throughout 2022 and 2023.

It also builds on its previous efforts to cater to the haircare market as evidenced in the opening of a Shampoo Bar at its Liverpool store in May, where customers could opt in to have their hair washed by a shampoo therapist.