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Macerich launches technology concept WithMe

By Sara Ehlers

May 24, 2016

Los Angeles - Macerich has decided to join Los Angeles by launching a brand new mall concept. Combining both physical and digital elements of shopping, the new concept entitled WithMe will debut at Santa Monica Place.

This will be the first inline mall location for the interactive concept. WithMe features traditional retail plans that have technological advancements that are beneficial to the consumer. The store will include a Pixel Wall, which will include a smart, full-wall display using 900 screens. The screens will move accordingly to form hanging racks and shelves. The wall will virtually act as interactive fixtures including important information about store products and brands. The wall will also include social media experiences in order to engage customers. There will also be more interactive options for customers in order to enrich their shopping experience. Customers will now be able to scan items to see all available options, build a cart, check out, and request items for trying on. The fitting rooms will also have interactive mirror displays that will allow customers to directly purchase their items without leaving their rooms. This is possible due to RFID tags and technology that will be on all products at the store.

WithMe launches concept with Macerich

The idea of WithMe is to create a fun and immersive experience for shoppers. This is a way for both retailers have a simpler shop, while shoppers can also have a fun, efficient experience. Teaming with Macerich was essential in order to allow WithMe to use all of its features. “We were looking to expand into premier shopping centers that consumers know and love, and where traditional and pure-play brands want to be, in the country’s best markets,” Jonathan Jenkins, founder and CEO of WithMe, said in a statement. The store is an effective way for WithMe to show off its capabilities along with technical advancements. “Our technology provides the perfect platform for this legendary brand to expand into new markets and create experiences their customers will love,” said Jenkins.

The new store, which will open on May 26, will be at Santa Monica Place alongside the opening of Century 21 Department Store. Both Macerich and WithMe have plans in motion to expand the concept as well. At the moment, WithMe is also building modular designs that range from 100-1,000 square feet that will also include retail activations. These locations, which have no set opening dates yet, will be in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

Photo: Macerich