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Mango enters Roblox as it strengthens digital innovation

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Mango's Roblox store Credits: Mango

Mango is reinforcing its commitment to digital innovation through its entry into Roblox, an immersive platform with over 70 million daily active users.

The company has inaugurated its inaugural virtual store within the Outfit Shopping Mall on Roblox, where users can purchase Mango Teen digital garments and products for their avatars. Teaming up with digital partner BrandNewVerse, Mango becomes a key collaborator of the Outfit Shopping Mall, a realistic shopping center set on a Mediterranean island within Roblox.

The move reflects Mango's desire to provide differentiated experiences, products, and services across physical, digital, and virtual realms. The Mango store sells and showcases virtual products but also serves as an interactive space for Roblox users, featuring a Mediterranean aesthetic tuned to Mango's New Med design concept. Users can virtually try on Mango collections available in physical stores, purchase items via the Roblox Marketplace, and access exclusive metaverse designs during special events.

Mango said its entry into Roblox signifies a milestone, allowing the brand to bring its fashion passion to the platform and expand its ecosystem of channels to cater to customer needs in various formats. The Outfit Shopping Mall, as a virtual hub on Roblox, offers users the opportunity to explore stores, try on and purchase digital products, and capture memorable shopping experiences in 'selfie-spot' moments.

Mango's Roblox venture aligns with the growing trend of digital self-expression and addresses consumer demands for fashion brands to provide items available in both the digital and physical worlds. As part of its innovation model, Mango aims to create a synchronised ecosystem that seamlessly connects its offerings across physical and online spaces.

The brand has transformed its physical stores into connected stores in recent years and ventured into platforms like the metaverse to stay at the forefront of innovative retail experiences.